About WCF

WCF has insured Utah employers since 1917. WCF is a non-profit mutual insurance company managed by a board of directors. WCF is financed entirely by premium payments from customers and investment income.

WCF employs 300 people who provide underwriting, safety, claims, and legal services to more than 20,000 Utah employers. We pay the same premium taxes as other insurance companies and contribute to Utah's economy by providing a stable and competitive source of workers compensation insurance.

WCF can arrange workers compensation insurance coverage for Utah employers in other states as well. Coverage is provided by insurance companies doing business outside of Utah.

All workers compensation insurance carriers in Utah, including WCF, are regulated by the Utah Insurance Department and the Utah Labor Commission.

Who Owns WCF?
WCF is not just another insurance company. It's your insurance company - owned entirely by policyholders. This entitles policyholders to share in the Company's financial success with dividends. WCF has distributed dividends every year for the last 20 years. Policyholder ownership also holds WCF accountable to employers and their employees.
In 2005, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that WCF's assets are owned by the Company's policyholders, not the State of Utah. The ruling upholds numerous Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1936.
What does "ownership" of WCF mean to its policyholders?
Operating as a mutual insurance company, WCF gives a portion of its profits back to its owners - policyholders - in the form of dividends. Since 1992, WCF has distributed more than $300 million in total dividends. 
What is WCF's public role to the State of Utah?
Some of the confusion about our ownership stems from WCF's beginnings as a state agency. Although no longer a state agency, WCF continues to be the insurer of last resort. As such, WCF insures Utah businesses that cannot purchase workers compensation insurance in a regular competitive market. WCF is the only insurance carrier in Utah required to fulfill this obligation. In return, WCF receives a federal income tax exemption. WCF pays state premium taxes and all other taxes, just like any other insurance company.